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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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president olague: i apologize the delay. welcome to the planning commission meeting of december 1, 2011. before we begin come up with like to remind everyone to turn off their cell phones. roll-call. we have a full commission.
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thank you. commissioners, a first category on your calendar, item proposed for continuance. item one, case number 2,011.206. before 1188 franklin street. item two, 900 baker street. proposed for continuance to january 12, 2012. item number 11, case number 2011 .0716c. 259 broad street. item 12, 2010.0860d
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183 brewster street, all three are proposed for continuance to january 6, 2012. >> is there any public comments on the items proposed for continuance? cnn, public comment is closed. commissioner miguel: i move the items on the continuance calendar, plus the other two. -- seeing none, public comment is closed. >i'm sorry. >> on brewster street, are we expecting new materials? this is --
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>> gone to be ridiculous. -- gotten to be ridiculous. [laughter] >> the project sponsors are still working with the neighbors. there is potential for revision from a beer while -- but we're not sure that is going to happen. >> commissioner moore, could we part it here in selectively substitute what needs to be substituted, because this is getting old? we have done that in the past i believe it. sometimes we will return are documents to the commission secretary and a return it to us a week before the item is heard. that is not uncommon for us to do that. >> sure, whatever works for the commission and secretary is fine.
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p>> motion for a continuance. item 11 degenerate well. item a, b, and six, to january 6, 2012. [role call] thank you, commissioners. those items are continued as we have discussed. we are now about to start your consent calendar. item three, four, and five make up the consent calendar this week. they are considered to be retained and will be acted upon by a single roll-call vote by this commission. there will be no separate discussion.
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unless the public requests, and at that point it would be removed from the consent calendar and be considered at a separate meeting. item three, 1430 larkin street, this is a continuing item. item 4, 1509 sloat boulevard, also known as lake shore plaza shopping center. this is a request for conditional use authorization to establish a new form of retail coffee shop doing business as peace coffee and tea in the 900 square foot and is based occupied by tully's coffee. item 5, 700 filbert st. a
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request for a conditional use authorization to allow food out west -- establishment in the north beach neighborhood commercial districts. it is also in the north beach special use district. and the north beach in limited financial special use district. commissioners, following public comment, which would automatically remove these items from the consent calendar, these items are in your hands. >> any public comment on any of these items? public comment is closed. commissioner moore: moved in appand approved. >> motion her to move items 3,
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4, and five. thank you, commissioners. those items have been moved as proposed. commissioners, we are now into commissioner questions and matters. item #6, consideration of adoption draft minutes from your regular meeting of november 3 and november 10, 2011. following public comment, and corrections and modifications you may have, we adopt you -- we ask you adopt the draft unit. president olague: any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you, commissioners. on the motion for approval of the draft minutes of them every third, and 10, 2011 -- [calling roll]
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thank you, commissioners. any other commission matters? >> i wanted to take the time to wish our secretary happy birthday. i know she makes her job with us look really easy, but i do not think there is many people that can fill her shoes. she does an incredible job. i just want to thank you publicly. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you. i really appreciate that.
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commissioner miguel: during the past couple of weeks i have met with people regarding the sell tower matter on richmond -- cell tower matter in richmond on the soccer fields. there was a forum on understanding 68 ft buildings, which i thought was an interesting title, but actually the forum itself was even more interesting, and it was very well attended. the market street design advisory group held their monthly meeting this week. that is coming along very well. a lot of help from excellent consultants, and the other night our director introduced a program regarding central corridor, also very well attended. don can probably give you more details on that. i'd met with some people regarding the kaiser medical office building and housing project on 16th and 17th streets.
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>> thank you. couple of things. first of all, congratulations to the football teams from mission, sacred heart, cathedral fighting irish, and wildcats. as you probably know, the mission bears won their first aaa football title on turkey day game since 1954, and that is really heartening to hear, because that program was in danger of being discontinued a couple of years ago, and they have managed to win the city title. congratulations to sacred heart and st. ignatius the end of that meeting each other in the finals of the football finals for their particular division. it will be held this saturday night. it will be the first game ever played at at&t. a really good thing for those
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programs. happy to hear they are doing well. on a less bright note, another tragic fire in the mission district. i believe it happened to be belligerent and the mission. it was last night. -- between vilencia and the mission. the brings to mind we are fortunate to have a great stock of wood frame homes, but the fact is most of them are in need of upgrades for electrical and plumbing and seismic. i have asked in the past, and i will see if i can interest of members of the board of supervisors in some sort of legislation that would incentivize and make it possible for owners to realize returns that would allow these buildings to be made safer and more habitable. and in return the owners would
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contribute to affordable housing, much as we do with new housing. we have to have the same concept for older housing. we have to find a way to get these made in two states and functional dwelling units for the people that are there. finally, in regards to how to -- i had an inquiry from people about the parking situation in the south beach area. i have made a few phone calls to stop. that is a discussion we had in the past, and that was concerning some of the existing garage parking in surface lots and what their status is, and maybe i can take it upon my own to talk to staff and find out exactly what the difference restrictions are as far as surface parking there for garage


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